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This merch + syrup combo product is for our Team Yankee supporters! We are offering a unique opportunity for you to get yourself an entire gallon of 100% pure NY maple syrup without the hassle of the big, clunky jug. Who can fit a gallon jug in their fridge anyway?! This option is the ONLY way to get the neon YB Flexfit!


We have sourced an innovative option to give you [4] quart pouches of syrup, as well as an easy to use lid with a spout and handle for any wide mouth mason jar. Our suggested use would be to put one of the quart pouches into a quart mason jar, with the lid, in your fridge for easy keeping and store the other 3 quarts of syrup in your bonus fridge or the garage freezer, to be used as refills for your mason jar throughout the year.


Also included in this PRO-BOX is everyone's favorite NEON Yankee Beef branded Flexfit hat; features the YB offset on the front and block text "Yankee Beef" on the back. Additionally, we will include [2] red foam YB can coozies to keep your drinks cold all summer long!


SHIPS for $.99!


Please note, the mason jar is NOT included.


Actual lid will vary based on available inventory, etc.

Product labels & marketing photos will be updated over time.

Yankee PRO-BOX

Price Options
Pro-Box Annual
Alternate merch each year + save $5
$94.00every year until canceled
  • Thank you for your interest in our delicious, 100% pure NY maple syrup. We have put together a deluxe package that gives you an easy to use lid for any wide mouth mason jar, which you would store in your fridge with [1] of the quarts of syrup in it. The other [3] quarts can be stored in the freezer until needed to be used as refills in your mason jar.

  • Shipping is an easy 99 cents!

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